Yoswin Apk Download | Get ₹151 On Signup Now

Dear Gamer in this article we will talk about One more New Color Prediction Game, That Name Yoswin Apk Download | Get ₹151 On Signup Now,Yoswin is a Color Prediction game with Red Green Violet. play with colors and you will enjoy unlimited playing with the color games. There Are Many Games As Well As Many Color Predictions You Can Win Real Money.

Yoswin Apk is one of the most useful apps for those who want to make real money. You should refer friends for a survey, play games, and earn points or make money. Yoswin Download on Mobile Phone or Tablet PC with .apk file, with 100% Safety for Your Device! If you want to install Yoswin on your phone or tablet

What is Yoswin App?

Yoswin App Is A Prediction Website The Same As Fiewin And MantriGame Earn Money By Predicting Color Red And Green. How To Use And How To Play. There Are Many Games As Well As Many Color Predictions You Can Win Real Money. Yoswin Colour Prediction App Download

Yoswin Apk Download | Get ₹151 On Signup Now

Yoswin APK for Android Free Download, Yoswin is the best earning online earning website right now. You can earn money by playing simple games like color prediction, minesweeper, etc.

The hottest online making money platform in 2022.Easily earn 3,000~20,000 Rs. daily with a cell phone. Invite members to join immediately and get cash rewards.

So Join using the Yoswin apk Referral Code  https://yoswin.com/?invite=WDYBHU and Start Earning unlimited cash in your Bank Account.

Yoswin App Download Download
Yoswin Referral CodeWDYBHU
Yoswin App Referral Bonus₹250 + (Commission on each play)
NeftWin Signup Bonus₹151
Minimum Withdrawal₹200

How To Register In Yoswin App

  • First of All, Click on the Yoswin App Register Button Given Below:

  • Enter the Code received on your Mobile Number.
  • Now Enter a Good password.
  • Finally, click on Register Button.
  • Successfully Registered Done in the Yoswin app.

Note:  This game involves an element of financial risk and can be addictive. Please play it responsibly and at your own risk. Avoid adding money, you yourself will be responsible for the loss.

How To Login On Yoswin app

Go To Yoswin Login Page And Login in With your Mobile Number And Password.

Yoswin App Refer And Earn Offer

  • Open Yoswin  App And Login.
  • Go To Refer And Earn or Promotion Section.
  • Share Your Yoswin App Referral Link With Your Friends.
  • The minimum Withdrawal in your UPI is Just Rs. 151 so refer fast and withdraw.

Register Link:? https://yoswin.com/?invite=WDYBHU

? Signup Bonus – ₹151
? Minimum Recharge – ₹100
? Minimum Withdrawal – ₹31

Register Link:?https://damangames.in/#/register?r_code=dYA75724193 

YosWin The Safest Earning Platform (https://yoswin.com/)
Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money in India in 2022 ₹151 Starting Bonus?Withdraw In 3m?100X Win? ₹10 Million Share Reward?100% Safe? The sooner you join, the more you earn!

How to Download Yoswin APK on Android:

  1.  Go to the bottom of the page and click the download link provided.
  2. Yoswin APK will be downloaded and installed on your phone.
  3. Go to Settings, then Security.
  4. Activate unknown sources.
  5. Find the APK file on your phone.
  6. Launch the New Yoswin APK file and follow the instructions.
  7. Disable unknown sources, this step is optional but recommended.

How to Make Money in Yoswin App

1. Daily Rewards – Registered users of Yoswin app get the chance to open lucky draw and get prizes daily. On every 7th day, users get the golden chance to open the Treasure Box which can give you money up to 1000 Rupees.

To open get the reward, click on Check In button on the home screen. And then Click on Check in button. Money you get in this draw is deposited in your account and can be withdrawal in bank accounts.

2. Task Reward–Yoswin  Apk also provide task rewards to it’s users for completing specific reward such that First Recharge, Learn to Recharge, First Invitation, Orders.

To get these task reward click on the Task Reward button on the Dashboard.

3. Invitation Commission – This is one of the most preferred and easy method to earn handsome amount of money in Yoswin without any risk and hardwork. You have to just Invite other people to play Yoswin with your link and if your invitees play Yoswin, some percentage of money is credited in your account.

You can use different methods to increase the number of invitees. Many people are earning more than lakh of rupees daily. You can see the proof below.

4. Agent Million Cash Growth Plan – This method of earning money is related to effective users. First of all let us discuss, what is effective user. So effective user is the invitee who makes the recharge of more than 100 rupees.

Level NameTier NameWinning Amount
Level 1IronRs.3
Level 2BronzeRs.50
Level 3SilverRs.300
Level 4GoldRs.1500
Level 5PlatinumRs.4000
Level 6DiamondRs10000
Level 7MasterRs.1000000

Yoswin App telegram channel link

If there is any problem with the recharge, please contact us through support@yoswin.com , working hours: 7:00-20:00

? Login :-

Forecast Time :

Forecast Time :

11.00 AM
02.00 PM
05.00 PM
08.00 PM

Yoswin Official VIP

Withdrawable amount(Lv1-Lv3)=Balance-Starting bonus(151) Upgrade to VIP4 to withdraw freely!the withdrawal limit up to 12000!

Before starting Yoswin Prediction, I would like to remind a few people to consider using a small amount of money to get good returns.
Always remember that the biggest capital is the biggest profit.
No one can predict 100%. You need to arrange funds appropriately.

  • Bonus
Invite Count
Invite Bonus
Effective Count
Effective Bonus
Points Bonus
Total Bonus
Grade1Grade 2Grade3Grade4

-Always have a plan before playing
(Plan how much you want to win in a session)
-Don’t bet randomly
-Keep 6 times funds at least
-Control greed and emotions
You will get always profit


Always make a plan before you play (plan how much you want to win in a session)
• Don’t make arbitrary bets
• Have at least 6 times the funds
• Control greed and emotions

  • The longest

Four-level invitees,each user will generate commission!

If each person invites 10 people, each person only needs to bet ₹100 per day, after 30 days, through the four-level agency system, you will earn more than ₹35,000!

  • The most effective

Click and share the bonus link in the official telegram channel, and make money at your fingertips!

Our agent Bindiya is a street vendor,he invites 100 new users to sign up every day by sharing the link,he probably earns ₹1500 every day!If he can, so can you!

  • The easiest

Reward ₹1~₹99 for each registered user,get income immediately!

If you invite 100 users, earn at least ₹400 and possibly up to₹9900!

Every user you invite will bring you a bonus of MAX Rs.99,and those you invite will get 151 rewards.

How to Recharge in Yoswin App

The recharge amount will increase your VIP level, and a higher VIP level will increase your Withdrawal Amount, Daily Bonus, etc.

Yoswin App

  • Select the Recharge option from the Bottom Menu.
  • Now Enter the amount your want to deposit in your Yoswin Account. You have to Enter Minimum of 20 Rupees.
  • Now Click on the Recharge Button.
  • Select the Payment method out of the given methods. For example Paytm, Phonepe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, or UPI method.
  • Proceed with the Payment Method and complete the payment.
  • Now you need to Upload the Screenshot of the Transaction as proof.
  • Click on the Upload Button to Upload the Screenshot and Click on submit button.
  • After uploading, within 1 Minute the payment will be added to your Yoswin account

How To Withdraw Money in Yoswin App



  1. Open Yoswin App & Click on Withdraw option
  2. Click on Bank Card Option.
  3. Go to + New Bank Card Option.
  4. Enter your Bank Details.
  5. Go to Wallet Section and Withdraw your Earnings.

DISCLAIMER:- This game involves financial risk. You may get addicted to this game. Therefore, all of you are requested to play this game on your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you are over 18 years old then you don’t play this game then you stay away from this game.

Note:  This game involves an element of financial risk and can be addictive. Please play it responsibly and at your own risk. Avoid adding money, you yourself will be responsible for the loss  .

Yoswin App (FAQs):

What is the Signup Bonus in Yoswin App?

The signup bonus is Rs.151


You invite your friends. Friends sign in, deposit the account and make bets. You get a LEVEEL 1 AND LEVEL 2 reward of NEFTWIN net profit!

What is the Minimum Withdrawl in Yoswin Apk


What is the referral Bonus in the Yoswin App?



Copy the partner’s personal link and send it to a friend. Share your partner link using social networks.

what is the yoswin customer care number?